Restasis For Chronic Dry Eye Relief

Restasis for dry eyes is a common remedy for the eyes’ reduced ability to produce tears. This condition may result from inflammation or chronic dry eyes, which require ongoing treatment to reduce its uncomfortable symptoms such as redness and itchiness. The effectiveness of Restasis does not only improve dry eyes. It can even remedy various eyes conditions such as keratoconjunctivitis.

Restasis is actually a topical eye emulsion that functions as an eye lubricant. It is also classified as a topical immunomodulator preparation, which helps increase the production of tears in conditions like eye dryness, itchiness and redness. Due to the tremendous success of Restasis in treating chronic dry eyes it has fast become the treatment of choice for the majority of dry eye sufferers.

Today, Restasis is known as an eye drop treatment that features a component called cyclosproine. The cyclosproine in Restasis is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for use on soothing and healing eye preparations. Of the many drugs used by ophthalmologists in treating eye dryness, inflammation and itchiness, cyclosporine is generally well tolerated and delivers better results. For those seeking immediate relief the use of over the counted solutions is common. Since the condition often comes with symptoms that may impede daily activities, the wide availability of these ophthalmic solutions provided convenient though temporary relief for eye problems. However, one must keep in mind that these ophthalmic eye drop solutions are created to cure specific eye conditions. Generic Restasis, Cyolosproine solutions, provide effective and less costly emulsions of Restasis for dry eyes.

With the use of Restasis, be wary of its common side effects. Most common side effects include temporarily blurring of vision and mild stinging or itching. After application, some may complain of feeling like having something inside the eye. People who are allergic to commercial Restasis may experience changes in vision and excessive tear production. If you are not aware whether or not you are allergic to Restasis, be familiar with its symptoms like continued or worsened stinging, burning and irritation in the eyes, redness, eye pain and swelling.

Although Restasis side effects vary from patient to patient, these side effects are not expected in all cases. You should never take Restasis longer or more often than recommended by your Doctor. Pregnant women and children should refrain from self medicating because of the complications of possible side effects. As with any good treatments, there are certain instruction with need to be followed. For instance, it must never be taken by people with active eye infections. Those with herpes viral infections should not use Restasis. With Restasis drops, patients are advised not to use contact lenses to lessen the chances of side-effects.

If you should experience hypersensitivity, talk to your doctor to choose the best treatment for you. If you’re considering doing something about your dry eyes then work with your doctor or ophthalmologist as they are by far the most qualified to help you. No matter how safe and effective Restasis for dry eyes treatment is, it is best taken under medical supervision.