What Are Lotemax Eye Drops?

Lotemax and Alrex are two brand names of the ophthalmic solution Loteprednol. The rights of this solution were purchased from Pharmos Corporation by Bausch & Lomb for approximately twenty five million dollars in cash. Lotemax is now the number one prescribed ophthalmic steroid brand in the United States.

Lotemax eye drops are generally prescribed for eye redness and irritation that can occur if one suffers from seasonal allergies, a problem with the eye that results in redness or from inflammation caused from surgery. Lotemax is classified as a corticosteroid and is only available through a prescribing physician. One should use caution with these eye drops especially if allergic to the preservative benzalkonium chloride or if pregnant.

Studies have not been conducted on the effects of the ophthalmic solution on pregnancy but high doses of the drug given orally to animals in test trials have resulted in birth defects. If 0.5% solution is prescribed, the user should not wear soft contact lenses but if 0.2% solution is prescribed and the user has eye redness then the individual should wait a total of ten minutes before reinserting soft contact lenses.

Lotemax dosage is one to two drops in the eye four times a day for a period of two weeks. One should take care and not use Lotemax for a period longer than prescribed or discontinue use prematurely. Prolonged use of this medication may result in optic nerve damage and glaucoma as well as vision problems. Problems associated with this medication are increased interocular pressure or fungal infection.